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National Opening of EHD 2011

Datum konání:
17. - 18. 9. 2011
Typ akce:
Místo konání:
Hrad Orlík nad Humpolcem, pořadatel - Castrum o.p.s.

National Opening of EHD 2011

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Cinematik festival - Film & history

Datum konání:
23. - 28. 8. 2011
Typ akce:
Culture,entertainment - cinema,film
Místo konání:
Hrad Orlík nad Humpolcem, pořadatel - Castrum o.p.s.

Tuesday, the 23th August - Sunday, the 28nd August 2010

Film and History Film Festival 2011
X. annual film festival of Czech and European old and modern movies. Screenings take place at several locations within the castle Orlik Humpolec.

   Theme of 2011 - Borders

Detailed info on       

 Fotografifí more pictures please go to the castle here, or more directly on the site of film festival here.

Program Film Festival

Felonious or progress? The figure of a priest in the film

Tuesday, the 17th 8th

20:30 Devil's Trap
R. Francis Vláčil, Czechoslovakia, 1961 

22:30 Jan Hus
R. Otakar Vavra, Czechoslovakia, 1954 
Time is approximate. The film begins immediately after the previous projection title.

Wednesday, the 18th 8th

20:30 Forgotten Light
Vladimir Michalek, CR, 1996 

22:30 Chickens and sacristan
Ulrich Leipzig Jan Strejček, Czechoslovakia, 1950 
Time is approximate. Movie begins immediately after the projection of the previous title. 


Christianity in the mirror and the classic "apocrypha"

Thursday, the 19th 8th

20:30 Quo Vadis
Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Poland / USA, 2001 

Friday, the 20th 8th

18:00 Jan Prachar, a student of history and aesthetics
Masaryk University in Brno, indicating
by displays of films:

Mission (R. Joffe, UK, 1986)
The Last Temptation of Christ (M. Scorsese, USA, 1988)
Guests Supper (I. Bergman, Sweden, 1962)
Nazarín (L. Buñuel, Mexico, 1959)
Diary of a Country Priest (R. Bresson, France, 1951)
Nostalgia (A. Tarkovsky, It. / Fr. / USSR, 1963)
The old myths of Vikings (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 2003) 


Christianity: Modern and pop-culture

Friday, the 20th 8th

20:30 Gospel. Matthew
R. P. P. Pasolini, France / Italy, 1964 

Saturday, the 21st 8th

18:00 Creation of the World
Eduard Hofman, France / Czechoslovakia, 1957 

20:30 Angelus
George R. Fear, CR, 2005 

Sunday, the 22nd 8th

Chap 18:00
Jiri Trnka, Czechoslovakia 


Christianity and the Hammer

Sunday, the 22nd 8th

20:30 The Hammer of Witches
R. Otakar Vavra, Czechoslovakia, 1969 


Translates: George Čáslavský

Foreword to the films brought by:
Mgr. Jaroslav Pinkas
Mgr. Petr Kopal

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Mediaeval pageantry

Datum konání:
5. - 6. 7. 2011
Typ akce:
Místo konání:
Hrad Orlík nad Humpolcem, pořadatel - Castrum o.p.s.

Mediaeval pageantry

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