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Thematic summer film festival with more than 10 years tradition is held on a regular basis at the Orlik medieval castle near the city of Humpolec in Czech Republic. Since 2002 the program portrays selected historical periods through the medium of cinematography with critical evaluation of the history representations in the cinema. We focus on the relationship between the cinematography and the historic memory where the film media isn't perceived as a simple means for recording and preserving historical facts, but rather as a tool for reflection with emphasis on critical evaluation of history representations in the film art. We will also try to analyze, on the other hand, how historic events, politic and economic situation, social and cultural trends of a selected era impacted the artistic production.
Program is composed of non-competitive  presentation of documentary and fiction films from Central-European countries accompanied each year with thematic lectures and workshops targeted at interleaving both domains the history and cinematography and public debates with scholars and filmamakers involving both the professional and non-expert audiences especially the cinema and history enthusiasts in their active participation. Occasionally we host as well the cultural events such as photography exhibitions, poetry readings or amateur theather performances with collaboration of the festival partners.