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Dear fiance,

We are very pleased that you have to enter into the common life chose the castle Orlik Humpolec.
To this day took place without major problems, we have prepared some practical advice and information:
Wedding Ceremonies (Civil) held on the courtyard, the castle and palace in the event of inclement weather suteréním Hall administration building of the castle.
After pre-booking date for the castle administration is also necessary to reserve the term for matrix municipality Humpolec Ronald Bauer diss., Phone: 565518134 and e-mail: sarka.bauerova @
After confirming the date and the registry office administration castle closes with one of the betrothed lease, which specifies the date, price, lease term and conditions for organizing the ceremony. Agreement can be downloaded here.
After paying rent, in cash in the treasury of the castle, will receive the original proof of payment, together with copies of the registers.

The premises of the castle is also possible to rent for wedding receptions and other přílležitosti.
Info here.

Organizational Guidelines:

Upon arrival to the Pleasure of the village is possible to park the vehicle at the stabling area at the outskirts of začárku access road to the castle. Wedding procession route then continues along the access road to the castle. Here you will take matrikářka, which will further the organization of your wedding ceremony.
In the alternative space is the room capacity of about 40 people standing. 
   During and after the ceremony can be produced for wedding photography in all areas of the castle above. The presence of a professional photographer is not guaranteed.
Given that the castle Orlik is registered as a historic landmark and its preservation is therefore a primary objective, we point out all the wedding guests to a strict prohibition of pollution of the interior space and exterior sights pohazováním rice, confetti, etc. The strict prohibition also applies to drift into the courtyard area of automobiles , carriages, horses, etc. Exceptions authorizing the administration building.
     Please follow the instructions of the management of Castle and registers leading to the smooth organization of wedding ceremonies for your special day was held to your complete satisfaction and the primary consideration to the important historical monument.
We wish you the very life of the common path of love, happiness, health and tolerance!


   Terms of wedding ceremonies are individually agree on and depends primarily on how the registry office.

               Already booked dates: 12 6th 2010
10th 7th
24th 7th
7th 8th
13th 8th

(This is not ruled out another wedding ceremony in the longer term reservation - on the contrary)

Rental price:

In the event that at least one of the bride and groom reside in the district matričním Humpolce rental price is 2 000, - CZK (not subject to VAT).

In the event that neither the bride does not reside in the district matričním Humpolce rental price is 4000, - CZK (not subject to VAT).

The price is necessary to add administrative fees paid matričnímu office.


Castle Management - Castrum o.p.s.,
IR: 25167987, MS corp Humpolec Account No.
Phone: +420 777 347 511,  email: info @

Municipal Authority Humpolec
Městský úřad Humpolec
Horní náměstí 300, 396 22 Humpolec
Sarka Bauer Diss., Phone: +420 565 518 134, e-mail: sarka.bauerova @

Castle Palace: 



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