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Festival History

Founded in 2002 by the historians of the Institute for Study of Totalitarian Regimes from Prague, notably by Mr. Petr Kopal and Mr. Jaroslav Pinkas, the festival takes the role of an informal meeting place for scollars, students and enthusiasts interested in the history, cinematography and relation between these two domains.
Previous editions depicted subjects such as the Middle-Ages (2002) or Early Modern-Age (2003) in the Czech national history or impacts of global European historical events to the history of our country: World War II (2005), Rural provinces from the central european perspective (2006), Borders (2011). Another editions reflected the history through lens of a particular cinematic genre: Ancient Czechs in the Czech historical film (2007) or the Miracle of Technical Progress (2009) tracing the development of Czechoslovak science-fiction film, or they dealt with universal topics: Christianity in the mirror of the classics and Biblical Apocrypha (2010).