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A few words about the festival organizer.

The festival is a non-profit project of the Castrum o.p.s., a non-profit association from Humpolec, Czech Republic, organized in collaboration with the Institute for Study of Totalitarian Regimes from Prague and other project partners. One of the Castrum's objectives is also the preservation of cultural heritage of the region of Vysocina including the reconstruction works and archaeological research conducted at the castle where the festival takes place.

Program supervisors:

  • PhDr. Rudolf Vévoda, PhD., historian and researcher at the Institute for the Study of the Totalitarian Regime, Prague;
  • Mgr. a Mgr. art. Štěpán Hulík, film scholar and script-writter, Charles University Prague and FAMU Prague.

Managing board:


  • Pavel Koubek, chairman of Castrum o.p.s and accounting manager,
  • Jozef Gréč, programming director,
  • Mgr. Pavel Oškrkaný, coordinator of the educational programme and P.R. manager,
  • Miroslav Zajdák, technical production coordinator,