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For children and youth clubs and camps

    Managing Castle offers free children's and youth sections, and the possibility of overnight camps and organizing their own programs to the Orlik castle Humpolec.

We offer:

- Sleeping under the stars or in your own tent in the castle
- In case of bad weather and school children to sleep
in the operating room of the building
- A simple bathroom with cold water and chemical toilet
- Cooking in the castle kitchen firebox
- The possibility of realization of the program


- Accountability and credibility of the implementor of residence
- A hand in the maintenance, restoration and operation of the castle
(Cutting and raking grass, cutting bushes, zadrnování crowns masonry, carrying stones,
Processing firewood, etc.)
- Restricting visitor traffic Castle
- Harvesting tents during the day

If interested, happy to answer your questions by e-mail or phone
e-mailu nebo tel. 777 699 046.


Sázení stromků Pomoc při archeologickém výzkumu, stavebních opravách a následné zadrnování korun Hradní příkop po vyčištění