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The castle help

      All events at the castle Orlik Humpolec above is based on voluntary action of people who enjoy good company and they are not indifferent to the fate of our heritage.
  Hrad Orlík - zasloužený odpočinek po práciTvrz Melechov - zaměřování torza tvrze při jeho konzervaciHrad Orlík - Sekáč trávy

       Our activities are not confined to the castle Orlik, but significantly their forces to try to help other small monuments in the region. This way, for example, managed to secure a fortress or stronghold in Proseč Melechovskou.
         If you have the desire to be a while and enjoy some fun contact me or come to see us at Castle Orlik


        Detailed current information, contact Martin by phone

                      Martin Pflug       +420 777 699 046  or   mpf @ atlas . cz