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Central-Europe in the portrayal of history

In the next few editions of the festival we'll try to capture the subtle and elusive face of the Central Europe as a model of human existence or a common historic experience which certain nations and ethnics had faced and which denominated them as being Central-Europeans. In tracing their common roots we intend to target a specific identity shared among individuals of diverse cultures of the region. Instead of enumerating a comprehensive set of facts about important historic figures or critical battles of a particular nation our focus will remain on everyday lives of ordinary people. If there exist something common in small personal histories of Central Europeans, then we will try to follow the trace of our hopes. In what do we, Central-Europeans, hope the most? And what are we afraid the most? What do we recognize as our common fate and how can we face it? How deeply do various traditions, regional customs and cultural stereotypes influence our lives nowadays? Our goal is not to deliver another positive essay about how to define our region, but to explore what it means to belong to it, what human life experiences form it and what is, perhaps, the sense of it.